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Die-cutting machine

Buy high-quality die-cut boxes for delivery across the UK

Nottingham based Faspak (Containers) Ltd manufactures versatile die-cut boxes which are fantastic for packaging. Contact us to place your order today.

Partial colour block background with a diagonal white split from left-centre to bottom-rig

Die-cut boxes are a cut above the average

For those times when a standard box simply won’t cut it, our die-cut packaging is the ideal solution. Think of our machinery as the cookie cutter – and your boxes as the finished cookie. Perfectly formed, just the right shape and each one the same as the one that came before it. Tailoring the settings of our cutting machinery each time, die-cut boxes offer an unwavering level of flexibility, so your designs can be as elaborate as you like! We can also customise the boxes with your logo or other design.

We were established in 1973 and work with individuals as well as companies of all sizes

We deliver boxes and packing in the quantity you require anywhere across the UK

Quality die-cut boxes

Very versatile

Tailored to any shape or size

Made to your exact specifications

Quick and easy to assemble

Self-locking designs

100% recyclable cardboard

Delivering a package
parcel delivery man of a package through a service and customer hand accepting a delivery

Where do we deliver?

In addition to supplying companies in our local Nottingham area, Faspak (Containers) Ltd delivers anywhere across the UK. If you have an urgent order, you need fulfilled, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you have the packaging supplies you need delivered quickly.

If you are looking to buy die-cut boxes for use as packaging, order the amount you need from Faspak (Containers) Ltd in Nottingham to be sure of quick delivery.

For help with your order, contact our team today:

Call us

0115 986 9391

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