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All the quality packaging materials you need

Ensure your deliveries always arrive safely with quality packaging materials supplied to you directly by Nottingham based Faspak (Containers) Ltd.

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Ensure a safe delivery every time

If you’re buying boxes and packaging, chances are you’ll need some quality packaging materials to go along with it! We supply a great range of packaging to complement our cardboard boxes, including tape, bubble wrap, foam chips and protective sheets and pads.

So when you pack up your home for moving, or post that all-important birthday present, you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that your items will get where they’re meant to go in one piece!

Faspak (Containers) Ltd delivers anywhere in Nottingham as well as the wider areas of the UK.

Faspak (Containers) Ltd can supply you with:

Tape to secure your boxes

Quality boxes and packaging

Bubble wrap for fragile items

Advice and tips from the experts

Labels for organisation

Fragile delivery label

Packaging experts

Here at Faspak (Containers) Ltd we have been established since 1973, so we can safely say we know a thing or two about packaging and the best materials to use to keep your delivery safe. We are happy to pass on the benefits of our experience if you need some help. Just get in touch.

Keep the contents of your packages safe with quality packing materials at great prices.

Get in touch with us today to place your order, or for general help email the team at Faspak (Containers) Ltd in Nottingham:

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0115 986 9391

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