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Printed packaging

Stand out from the crowd with printed packaging

Nottingham based Faspak (Containers) Ltd can help your company stand out from others with our bespoke printed packaging.

Partial colour block background with a diagonal white split from left-centre to bottom-rig

When you receive a package it creates an impression

This means it’s the perfect time to leave an impact with printed packaging. Just imagine how much more memorable receiving a box with your company brand emblazoned on it would be. Should your recipient then recycle the box, they’ll see that message again each time they use it. It’s a promotional service that just keeps on giving.

Here at Faspak (Containers) Ltd we will work with your company to provide printed packaging that helps your company stand out from its competitors and make a great impression on customers.

We work with local companies in the Nottingham area, as well as companies across the wider areas of the UK.

The personal touch

Easy and effective advertising

Stand out from your competitors

Bold, colourful designs

Make a great impression

Your logo

Please note - size restrictions may apply

Your message

cardboard boxes

Working in partnership

Faspak (Containers) Ltd will work closely with your business or organisation to understand the message you want to get across with your bespoke packaging and how to achieve it. We have a creative team, so between us we’ll create something that reflects your company ethos and message.

Speak to one of our design team about how we can help with printed packaging.

In the first instance email Faspak (Containers) Ltd in Nottingham at and we’ll get straight back in touch.

Call us

0115 986 9391

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